Climate Complacency: We Need to Talk about the Climate Crisis

As you might have realised by now, this blog is my vision of a Utopian future. A discussion about the difficulties we might have to face while we carefully navigate our way through the Climate Crisis.

Why should we care about it?

I ask you this; if you saw someone on the street get hurt by someone else, would you help the victim, or not get involved? This question might have different answers from different people. Some might say of course they will help, while others may insist it is none of their business. But what if instead of one person, it was billions of vulnerable people harmed and exploited by a few villains? We are already feeling the real-world effects of the Climate Crisis. Humanity can no longer be apathetic, and we have to step in to do whatever we can to make a change.

But why bother writing about it? After all, everyone is talking about environmental issues, so what is the point of repeating the same thing over and over again? What use is it to just add to the white noise already present on the internet?

The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of us, the people affected the most by the crisis, have little power over the course set for our planet. Our political leaders are too busy with their agendas to hear our calls for change, and the profit-driven corporations causing the damage are indifferent to our needs. As individuals, there is very little we can do to make a positive change. Another hurdle people cite is that there is no need to worry as other people will come up with solutions. It will not take all of us to fix this situation, so we can leave it up to the scientists and inventors and get on with living our lives.

As pessimistic as the outlook is, we all still possess a tool that we can use right now. Our voices! We need to start talking more about climate change, but not in the way that we were passively taught it at school. We need to talk with urgency and fear. We have to be scared. Our existence as human beings and the entire planet we know is in grave danger. If we are not alarmed by this crisis, there will be no one left to be scared after it has passed.

It is very important to keep talking and adding the constant buzz. We need to collectively show that this is an issue to us, putting pressure on corporations and governments to take action. We are constantly bombarded with a feed of climate-related news and tweets. Only a handful of countries have declared a climate emergency, but it is becoming more apparent that these are just empty words, and people are getting restless about the lack of action anyone is taking.

Debating online is a thing that we can all do easily, but it takes minimal effort. A lot of us can do more to help, such as start having conversations about this with our friends and family that might not necessarily know much about the subject. We are so consumed by our online life that we often forget to communicate our ideas with people around us.

Talking will only get us so far. We also need to start thinking about being more proactive about our lifestyle decisions. One of the highest impact things you can do right now is to become a vegetarian. Meat production is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, producing 14% of all GHGs. The process of producing an 8-ounce steak creates the equivalent emissions of driving a car for 29 miles, and a person that eats beef regularly takes up 140 times more land resources than someone on a plant-based diet. If we want to make a meaningful change, we need to change what we consume. As an avid meat eater, I have decided that I have a responsibility to make the change myself, and I will create a new section for this blog devoted to green eating.

The eager futurists among us will still want to do more. We want to do more than just talk and make small changes. We want to learn everything we can about the world around us and commit our time to save all of our arses. Incremental progress is fine, but time for that is over and we need to start choosing jobs and careers focused on sustainability. It is a life or death situation. So when you make the small changes to your life, ask yourself if you could take the next step and do even more to secure yourself and everyone around you safe passage into the future.


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